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Status of Robotics in Geriatrics

The field of robotics in geriatrics is characterized by diversity and a different complexity of the

devices. Most of the identified models can be classified into three groups according

to their functions:

1. Training aids and aids for movement, for the purpose of mobility and autonomy

2. Devices which complement or facilitate people's life, or which can serve as

their physical proxy

3. Devices which accompany and interact with people

The majority of the devices are still in the development and testing phase and

only to some extent employed in practice.

Innovation in the field of technology is a substantial driver for new applications in

health care. Technical feasibility and economic efficiency, however, are not the

only factors in the introduction of robotic devices. Acceptance on the part of the

involved stakeholders plays a significant role, an acceptance that is influenced by

cultural background, legal and ethical considerations as well as social, psychological

and individual factors.

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