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Research Projects

The research focus lies on the development of strategy and innovation concepts as well as the provision of methodological frameworks for innovation management. In the case of technology-based innovation, scalable business models are developed and market validations including suitable controlling instruments are elaborated.

Service Robotics.jpg


Service Robotics

Development and testing of service robots in the field of elderly care to bring to market a feasible, usable, viable and legally compliant innovation.


Industrial Internet of Things
Busines Model

Based on the challenges of three industrial companies, a generic IoT business model and individual roadmaps were developed and implemented.

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New Markets, Existing Technologies

With four industrial companies, a framework for entering new markets by means of technology-related diversification was developed and at least one innovation per market was implemented.


High Impact Firm

Based on qualitative inter-case studies, an innovation management model was developed, operationalized and empirically validated with a sample of 6000 Swiss companies.



R&D Cooperation Model

An R&D Cooperation Model based on a number of various R&D projects and the Stage-Gate® model by Robert Cooper has been developed. This model can be used to plan, realise and manage SME innovation projects and research partnerships between qualified research partners and SME

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